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Fat loss diet programs have been developed and sold for as long as there has been concern over weight and health, but there seems to be an epidemic of interest at the current time. This is partly caused by a media which produced stereotypes of what a person should look like, and partly by the simple fact that the diets of most people in the West are not giving people the bodies they wish for. It is possible to overcome these problems, but only by adhering to proven principles and not by following harmful fad diets.

There have been literally thousands of fat loss diets produced in the past twenty years, in addition to the thousands published before. Most of them have missed the point, by concentrating on fat loss as though it was the only goal to be achieved. In reality, it is not even the most important goal. The most important goal of all is to maintain the body in as healthful a condition as possible, with the optimum weight being just a side effect of this. As an illustration, the most dangerous layer of fat in the body is the visceral, which is beneath the surface of the body.

A combined healthy and fat loss diet plan will give you the resources to achieve your target in a sustainable way, and without the need to ever feel hungry or to go without food. Starvation diets simply do not work, because they train the body's metabolism to adjust to a smaller intake of food. When a normal diet is resumed, the weight comes back on more quickly than it disappeared. Fad diets are as harmful to the body as eating junk food, so get out of any bad habits right at the start.

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A sustainable fat loss diet will consist of a full range of nutrients, but taken into the body in a form which it can absorb. Fat is a necessary part of the diet, but it does not need to be the saturated fat which you find in junk food. There are many healthy alternatives such as seeds and nuts which provide unsaturated fat which the body can use and absorb. Grains and carbohydrates also need to be taken in the right form, and switching from processed cakes and breads to whole grain foods will allow you to eat normally while still losing weight at a safe and acceptable speed.

It is also essential that fat loss diets address the issue of water in the body, without which the eliminatory system of the body will never function at the optimum level. If you don't drink enough water, now is the time to start. It is hard for many people to appreciate just how important this simple and taken for granted nutrient is, but it is the most vital intake the body can have. The combination of proper hydration with a high quality diet will improve the health of anyone trying to lose weight.

The only limitation of a fat loss diet is that it is more geared to developing health from this point forward, than it is to removing any excess fat which may already be there. The body will stabilize in time, but it can be greatly helped on its way by a little exercise. If you can take part in exercise which is vigorous enough to stimulate the heartbeat into its optimum range, you can burn fat all the while you are exercising. This is not something to be rushed into or overdone, but it can certainly aid a fat loss diet.



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